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Real Experiences, Real Results

James Nichol

James Nichol

I've trained all over Thailand and The Bear Fight Club is a one of a kind, I'm proud to call this place home! The training is world class and they can teach you to excel at whichever style is best for you, no matter whether you're a beginner or a professional. They strike the perfect balance between hard work and play so not only do you improve rapidly, but you have fun while doing so!

Jack Farren.png

Jack Farren

The Bear Fight Club is my home!

I have trained in a few Muay Thai gyms in Thailand, but none have come close to the authentic training of Muay Thai and a family vibes of the bear. Training under the Kru Bank, Kru Khar and the other Bear trainers has made my game so much stronger than I thought possible!

I have been with Bear from the start and I will be until the end! Highly recommend to anyone looking for good Muay Thai training!

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